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Aug 23
Thu, Aug 23 at 7:00 PM

"The Art Of Image Making" by Taylor Boone

Millbrae Library
1 Library Avenue
Millbrae, CA, 94030
Aug 24
Aug 25
Sat, Aug 25 at 2:00 PM

Weekend Board Gaming

Dialogues Cafe
41 17th A Main Road
Koramangala 4th Block Near Sony Signal
Bangalore, 560034, India
Aug 25
Sat, Aug 25 at 1:00 PM

East Texas Ride

Aug 26
Sun, Aug 26 at 11:00 AM

Monthly Meditation Session - to Help to Reduce Stress & Pain and for Overall Wellness

West End Rehab & Physical Therapy
3853 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M9B 1L2, Canada
Aug 26
Sun, Aug 26 at 11:00 AM

Monthly Meditation Session - to Help to Reduce Stress & Pain and for Overall Wellness

West End Rehab & Physical Therapy
3853 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M9B 1L2, Canada
Aug 30
Thu, Aug 30 at 7:00 PM

August Meet and Greet 2018 Luby's Rockwall

Lubys Rockwall
2235 S Goliad St.
Rockwall, TX, 75032
Sep 1
Sat, Sep 1 at 2:00 PM

Weekend Board Gaming

Dialogues Cafe
41 17th A Main Road
Koramangala 4th Block Near Sony Signal
Bangalore, 560034, India
Sep 8
Sat, Sep 8 at 2:00 PM

Weekend Board Gaming

Dialogues Cafe
41 17th A Main Road
Koramangala 4th Block Near Sony Signal
Bangalore, 560034, India
Sep 9
Sep 15
Sat, Sep 15 at 6:00 AM

Day Trip to Berlin

Sep 15
Sat, Sep 15 at 11:00 AM

Point Reyes Lighthouse Hike

Lighthouse Visitor Center
27000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
Inverness, CA, 94937
Sep 16
Sun, Sep 16 at 4:00 PM

Safe Space / Discussion Meeting

First Unitarian Universalist Church
2737 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA, 95204
Sep 16
Sun, Sep 16 at 6:00 PM

Dinner Social

Panera Bread
10718 Trinity Parkway
Stockton, CA, 95219
Sep 20
Thu, Sep 20 at 7:00 AM

Introduction to Stereo Photography. How to Make Digital Stereo Photographs

Millbrae Library
1 Library Avenue
Millbrae, CA, 94030
Sep 28
Fri, Sep 28 at 6:00 PM

Dinner and drinks at Untied in Barangaroo!

Untied Barangaroo
Level 4 Exchange Place, 400 Barangaroo Avenue
(Up one floor)
Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
Oct 27
Sat, Oct 27 at 9:00 AM

Moss Beach Adventure

Moss Beach Park
Virginia Ave & Etheldore St.
Moss Beach, CA, 94038


Bangalore Board Gamers

193 Gamers 25 events

This group is for people who like friendly competition over modern board games - social games, fierce strategy games, and many options in between. Newcomers are welcome!
Introduction to board & card games

Western Slope Adventurers

65 Adventurers 8 events

My wife, Mary Hertert, and I started as a group when we moved from Anchorage, Alaska (where we had started the in 2007) in 2011. was purchased by a large company, We Work,  last year and it's service has been suffering since that time.
Another similar platform has shown up on the web, called Down to Meet. It's so new that it says 'beta testing' on its website.
However, in WSA, we are moving a bunch of the events that we are posting over there to see how it works out. In addition to keeping an eye on WSA on, you might want to take a look at:
Signing up on one or the other, we hope to see you outdoors real soon.
Doug Van Etten & Mary Hertert, founders of the WSA
970-433-4312     &  970-778-5985.

South Peel Social

27 Fanatastic Folks 11 events

A social group for people of South Peel!!
This group (will slowly become active) will host card/game nights/afternoons, Paint Nite events, the occasional meal out and a variety of other social activities.
You are encouraged to post and host their own events.
Pleae be sure to read all event descriptions and details prior to RSVP’ing for an event.  You will be required to pay any requested fees to the Organizer/Co-Organizer/Event Host as detailed in the event description.
Members are responsibile for their own safety at South Peel Social events.
There is a no-show policy in effect with this group - more than 2 no-shows or change in RSVP same day (without advisig the Organzier or Event Host why) will result in being removed from the group.

DFW Cruisers

24 Members 5 events

What we’re about
Welcome to the DFW Cruisers. We are looking for others that love to ride. We, as a group, will never leave someone on the side of the road. We are a friendly recreational riding group. The group organizers want each and every member to be part of suggesting and planning of the rides and trips. Your ideas are important to us. All efforts are made top ensure a safe and successful ride. We welcome riders of all types of motorcycles, all levels of riding experience and are happy to educate new riders. It’s not how fast we get to our destination, it is about the journey. NOTE! WE DO NOT ALLOW ROOSTER SITTERS, you will either participate or be removed from the group!!
*Legal Disclaimer: As a condition of your voluntary participation in group rides, you hereby release and discharge “DFW Cruisers and it’s Organizers” from any and all claims, demands, damages, or liabilities arising from injury to your persons or property.
These are our additional safety requirements for being a member of this group.
1. Must have a valid motorcycle license.
2. Must own his/her motorcycle.
3. Must be over 21 years of age (see organizer for more info).
4. Must own a minimum 650 cc.
5. In riding with the group, you must stay with the group speed.
6. In group riding, the rider is responsible for the rider in front and in back of him/her.
7 . 3 strikes your out.
   A. Verbal safety warning. If the safety warning is sever enough, you will be asked to leave the ride.
   B. You will be sent an email, in addition to the verbal warning.
   C. Your membership will be revoked from the group.
8. Passing in the group is only permitted to the left side of the rider, must be done safely and with adequate space between motorcycles. Passing is only allowed to tighten the group up. The leader is never to be passed.
9. Email the organizer that you have read, understood and agree with the above disclaimer and our group riding safety requirements.


22 Members 5 events

We are interested in Experienced, Active, and Safety minded members who can fit in with our riding style. HELMETS AND SAFETY GEAR ARE REQUIRED TO RIDE WITH US! This is for YOUR protection…No Arachnids allowed  
This group was formed by experienced Motorcycle riders who love to ride motorcycles and explore all the great back roads (street roads) we can find. This group will do short, medium, long distance, and overnight/multi day rides. Any member who have routes or dinner meetups in mind are encouraged to contact the Organizers…
All new potential members have Thirty (30) days to come ride with us to see if you are a good fit, and visa versa…..
NOTES: We are a RIDING group, not a dating site,,, We Discourage roster sitters, be an active member or not…..

One Hour Six Pic Photoshoot

21 Photoshooters 5 events

This is open to all who like taking photographs, from the absolute beginner to the expert. Everyone very welcome. Ideal for new group members with any level of interest in photography and/or meeting arty types, as you can wander on your own or chat to other folk if you like, whichever suits you best.

We run a series of regular photo challenges. Meet up at the location shown on the event date page and spend 1 hour wandering about taking loads of photos with your SLR, compact, polaroid, phone, or any other camera you like, with the subject we select for the event. You can bring any props you like, or find inspiration where we are. 
One hour later come back to the start and then those who want to can go for tea, cake and a chat afterwards.

Get home later, sort out your pics and upload your favourite 6 here.  Go to the pictures section on here, find albums, click on that one and upload your 6 best pictures) Make (only) nice comments about other people's pictures. :-)

We usually meet at 11.45 am (and the hour starts at 12.00 noon prompt. Photography finishes at 1.00 pm. Attendance is free. Check the event itself in case times differ.

All levels of photographer really are welcome - it's not about the kit you carry, it's all about meeting up, sharing ideas and enjoying photography and finding new ways of seeing. Oh and cake. ;-)

PDX Outdoorsy Retired Women

17 Outdoorsy Womens 2 events

The emphasis of this group is on fitness, friendship and an appreciation for the natural world. Activities include short (generally 5 miles or less) walks, hikes, kayaking, snowshoeing, etc. Bring your camera, or just use your phone! 

A typical event might look like this: Meet at Latourell Falls trailhead in the gorge for a hike, with an optional side trip to Bridal Veil Falls. Or hike a section of the Banks-Vernonia Trail with lunch afterwards at the Blue Jay Cafe in Manning. Or kayaking (or stand up paddle boarding) at Scappoose Bay or Battle Ground Lake.

If our events sound like something you’d enjoy, and you would like to make new like-minded friends, this group may be for you!

Please provide a current, clear facial photo of yourself, as we often meet at remote trailheads and I need to know whom to expect.

***Please Read Before You Decide to Sign Up***
We generally meet on WEEKDAYS from mid-morning to early afternoon.

We prefer quality over quantity and seek friendly, engaged members. One of our goals is to create an atmosphere where members are familiar with each other and there is a sense of continuity in our events. In order to enable that, we have to keep our group size small and discrete. So if we see your profile has been inactive for 6 months, we will regretfully need to excuse you from the site.

DISCLAIMER: Joining events with PDX Outdoorsy Retired Women is entirely voluntary. Participants signing up for an event fully understand the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with any outdoor activity, and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the Organizer and Event Hosts of PDX Outdoorsy Retired Women from and against any and all liability arising from your participation in the group activities. Each person who signs up for an event is responsible for her own safety. 

It is each participant's responsibility to ensure that she is sufficiently prepared, fit and healthy to participate in the event. Participants are expected to bring sufficient water, food, and appropriate clothing, as well as first aid and any other necessary equipment. The Organizer makes no warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities. By signing up for an event, you are accepting all the rules of the event. 

The Organizer and Event Hosts in this group are volunteers. Our Organizer and Event Hosts are neither professional guides nor do they have special training or qualifications. The sole role of the Organizer and Event Hosts is to organize the event. Think of them as friends hiking in a group with you. They are not responsible for your safety or actions or anyone else’s. They are not responsible for any incident during the event. They are not responsible for carpool arrangements to the events, or for incidents during carpools.
Thank you for taking the time to read.

Project Warm

14 Warm-Hearted Stitchers 5 events

This group is based in South East Mississauga.   We are a group of volunteer knitters and crocethers who make strips that are stitched to each other’s strips to create blankets which are then donated to shelters for those in need.
Strip dimensions - 4 feet long by at least 8 inches high (strips can be higher).
Strips must have straight edges to be able to be stitched to other strips.
Yarn is supplied to members.  Yarn supplied is expected to make strips or full sized blankets.  Full sized blankets must be a minimum of 5' 5" in height.
(If you wish to use your own supplied yarn to make blankets of different sizes, that is fine, but the groups yarn supply is minimal, hence the ‘restrictions’ to the 48” strips or blankets of only the 5’ 5” size).
Donations of yarn (even those small little balls you may have leftover from other projects) are always welcome.
At various times, this group may have initiatives for making winter wear (hats, scarfs, etc), donations of other crafted items, etc - please keep an eye on the site for these types of events, otherwise the groups main focus will be strips for blankets (or full sized blankets).  
(The group will not regularly be making kitty blankets as in the previous group - we are going to solely be focused on strips and blankets for the time being).
I AM TAKING THE SUMMER OFF FROM PROJECT WARM EVENTS - events/meetings will resume in September 2018.   
Please be sure to tie in all loose ends on your strips and/or blankets - it causes me a lot of extra work and wasted time to tie in loose ends.   
If you are making a full size blankets (5’ 5”), you can make them more narrow than 48”, but please do not go less than 40-42”.   
Thank you and I’m looking forward to working with you all making blankets and helping those in need.

Over the Hill Gamers

13 Senior Gamers 1 event

Over the Hill Gamers is open to anyone over age 30. We are a committed group of tabletop RPG players and GMs dedicated to great games and respect for all players. We play games like Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Fate, and others.

Boardgaming in Kochi

9 Gamers 2 events

Calling all board, card, and miniature game enthusiasts to form a regular gaming group in Kochi (Cochin)! Welcoming all who have a love of gaming get-togethers.

Bangalore Introverts

8 Bangalore Introverts

I'm sure many of us Introverts remember being called out at some point of time or the other, "Why are you so quiet? What is wrong with you?"
There is nothing wrong with being an Introvert. This is a group for the Introverts of Bangalore. We're the people who believe that it is okay to be quiet, by yourself and enjoy solitary activities. However, introverts also love having a social life and deep discussions. This is a group where you won't be judged for being quiet.
**** What is this group about? ****
This is a group to do something new every week. We are not limited to doing only one kind of event in this group. We do fun stuff or timepass every meetup. It's a good way to let go of stress and meet more people.
Some of the activities that we do are:Play some group games (could be board games, or teaming-based, or oldies like catch-catch, chain-chain)Check out the latest blockbuster movie, or a popular play,Try out a unique new restaurant nearby,Bring your parents for an outing (So that they can also break free from their routine)Read a Novella and discuss it (it's less time consuming than a book club)Kite FlyingTree plantation activity (something good for the environment)MeditationRiddles/Brain/Puzzles TeasersAnd a whole lot more.Try out whatever suits your interests. If there's any kind of meet that you would like to see then do let me know.
It is highly recommended for new members to join the "Get to know you" meetup. If you haven't attended this meetup earlier then you should attend it once. This is scheduled once every month and it gives me a chance to know you, what you're expecting from the group. It's also a chance for you to meet other new members, and form new connections.

Cheers to our Public Lands!

7 Hikers 4 events

This is the HQ for Cheers to our Public Lands Hike & Happy hour series! Here's where we will post updates on each hike & happy hour and let our attendees in on details leading up to the events.
If you are interested in attending any of our events Please, fill out our RSVP form here!

Calgary DoSomethingNew

6 DSNers 1 event

DoSomethingNew (or DSN) is a social group for adults of all ages in Calgary & the surrounding area.
Originally started on the MU platform, we've gained over 10,000 members in 11 years.
It's time for a change, though - even we need to do something NEW once in a while, so we're checking out DownToMeet to see if it can help us grow bigger & better!
Our goal is to provide opportunities to have fun group gatherings, with an emphasis on socializing & making friends.
As the name implies, we try to offer 'new' or 'interesting' or 'unique' things to do - while some may seem like standard activities (bowling, pub nights, museum walks), we often find truly one-off, funky & weird things to do - or we make 'em up!!
Regardless of your interests, there will usually be SOMETHING you find interesting to check out with us.
Stay tuned as the spring & summer approach, for fun things to do in & around Calgary.
Anyone can join!

Bay Area Hiking (Demo Group)

5 Hikers 2 events

This group is for intermediate and advanced hikers. We cater to friendly people who appreciate the outdoors, and are able to hike 10 - 15 miles in a day. All of our hiking adventures will be loop trails within a 100 mile radius of the San Francisco Bay Area. Experience hiking long distance and ability to adapt to nature (i.e. weather conditions, mud, etc) are a big plus.
Note: this is not a real group. It is to demonstrate the look, feel, and functionality of a DownToMeet group.

Maker Central

4 Makers

Welcome to "Maker Central", the home of arts, crafts, and anything made with pride by hand.
We are a group of artists, teachers, professional creators and fabricators, and crafters who share our love of all things beautifully handmade with our members and friends. This is your new home if you're interested in:
Jewelry Making
Wire Wrapping and Chainmaille
Beading, Stringing and Beadweaving
Metal Working/Metal Smithing
Drawing, Sketching, Doodling
and a myriad of other cool crafts and arts
Our instructors are artist and professionals who want to share their love of art and their passion for their craft with you! Best of all, we like to meet others who are similarly "craft-minded," so it's a great place to meet people too! We are an adult only group, so while family members are invited, they must be over 18 to attend.
**Please Note: Maker Central is NOT a business, not an art school and not a public business/organization--we are private club that is operated as a private club. Membership to our group can be withdrawn at any time for violation of the rules or at the discretion of the group organizer.**

Toronto Hiking Asylum

4 inmates 2 events

Welcome to the Toronto Hiking Asylum. This is a group for people who love hiking at an invigorating pace and who believe in supporting the associations that maintain the trail systems in Ontario. We organize carpool hikes at intermediate and advanced levels on the Bruce Trail, Ganaraska Wilderness Section, McCrae Lake, and other trails. We're also about snowshoeing, backpacking, trekking overseas, and other outdoor activities. 
Please note that our hikes tend to go at a quicker pace with fewer breaks than is typical of other hiking groups, our members are drawn to us because they like to pick up the pace and prefer longer distances and hillier terrain. If you prefer slower hikes or have difficulty on hills, this is definitely not the hiking group for you. 
Also note that we're very quickly reaching our capacity to get all our regular hikers out on weekly events. We're still adding members, but very sparingly, so don't be surprised if you stay on the pending list for a long period of time. In the meantime we suggest other outdoor groups such as the Toronto Bruce Trail Association, the Toronto Outdoor Club, and COWS.
Generally, our model is that drivers and passengers meet at a predetermined carpool location in Toronto, usually Sheppard West or Kipling station, and commute from there to the event. Unlike some other meetup groups, passengers are not required to make their own arrangements with drivers, rather, the event host takes responsibility for ensuring that there is the right balance between the number of passengers and the number of drivers willing to take passengers. Occasionally, "meet at event" can be accommodated. 
The Toronto Hiking Asylum supports the volunteer associations that maintain the various trails systems in Ontario, particularly the Bruce Trail Association and the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association. All donations collected on an event go to the association that provides stewardship for that trail. Members who already have a current paid membership in the association are exempt from donating on that event, that's our way of encouraging members to support these associations. 

Gold Coast (AU) sea kayak group

4 kayakers 4 events

This is for intermediate to advanced paddlers of sea kayaks on the beautiful Gold Coast and elsewhere in South East Queensland.
Trips can be quite long, usually at least 16kms but sometimes up to 25kms, so are more suited to kayaks at least 4.5 mtrs long.