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Multifamily Investing Zero-to-One

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How to go from Zero to One in Multifamily Investing
Multifamily investing consists of buying commercial multifamily properties (apartments or apartment complexes), individually or as part of a syndication, and operating their business in a way that produces returns for the owners, as well as tax advantages, while providing quality living for the tenants.Missed a meeting? Click here to check our YouTube Channel!
If you are interested in multifamily investing (either as a passive investor or as a sponsor/syndicator) you have to start somewhere. This group aims at providing insight into the most effective strategies to get to your first passive investment or your first syndication in multifamily, by showing you how others have done it, their victories and failures, and their recommendations for you to be successful.
On each interactive meeting, we interview someone who is doing what you want to do, who is willing to share how they got their multifamily endeavor started (from zero to one), independent of where you are or where you want to get to. The format allows for anyone to participate, to ask questions, or to provide input to the discussion. 
Zero-to-One Syndicating (1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm CST):
Each meeting, we will listen to, and interact with, an experienced syndicator guest, and take note of the process(es) they followed to identify, underwrite and buy their first multifamily property successfully. Guests also share tips and tricks they use now, as experienced syndicators, to be effective and successful at buying multifamily properties (and syndicating), providing returns to investors and quality of life to tenants, in a very competitive market.
Zero-to-One Passive Investing (3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm CST):
Each meeting, we will listen to, and interact with, an experienced passive investor guest, and take note of the process(es) they followed to identify that first succesful deal that aligned best with their criteria, and provided expected returns or better. Guests also share tips and tricks they use now, as experienced investors, to efficently identify the best investing opportunities, from a large amount of offerings out there.
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Central California Women's Backpacking and Hiking Group

396 Ladies 56 events

A group for WOMEN who hike and backpack in California (and occasionally further abroad). Not men who can't read.We respect Leave No Trace, share the costs of our adventures equally if necessary, and enjoy the company of awesome wilderness loving women who are wanting companions to go out and play.
Message me if you would like to be an event organizer. Always happy to facilitate community.
New joining members on approval only, to keep men from ignoring the obvious. If I'm backpacking it will take a while for me to review and approve - please be patient. 

Gold Coast and Hinterland Strummers

252 Strummers 104 events

Hello and welcome. It is free to join.Events are "announced" with invitations sent out to members. 
If you received an invitation to attend a group event, just click “I'm going” to RSVP. You’ll be asked to log in.
We are also on Facebook Live with our Saturday Strummers sessions.
Originally formed as a Meetup group on 5 January 2012 we have had some 176 get togethers to date. The group gets together regularly to sing and play.
The aim is to have fun singing and playing as a group using a big screen projector.
To Improve our playing and singing skills, with a variety of songs.
To spread the joy of music and to have fun playing or singing.
To assist aspiring musicians, guitarists ukulelians in their learning process.

Coronado Pickle Ball

160 Coronado Pickle Ballers 534 events

Welcome Pickleballers! The purpose of this group is to facilitate Pickleball play at Marriott and Coronado Cays Tennis Court. Games are now limited to a total of 4 players. If you see a game time you would like to play and the day before (by the evening) it only has 3 players (including you), the event will be canceled. Also, any member of this group can propose new events.  If want to put together a game on a day or time not listed, make a suggestion for a new game!  Looking forward to seeing you on the court! Please note, all general play sessions are 2 hours. IF YOU CANNOT STAY FOR THE FULL TIME, PLEASE WAIT AND JOIN US WHEN YOU HAVE MORE TIME TO PLAY!

Svelte Society NYC

155 Svelte Devs 8 events

This is a meetup group ( to share knowledge and help each other on Svelte and SvelteKit. Note: All meetups are subject to the Svelte Society Code of Conduct. 

Colorado Airheads Beemer Club

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We are the Colorado Chapter of the International Airheads Beemer Club (CO-ABC).The ABC provides a connection to, and camaraderie with, those who enjoy, maintain and ride airhead BMW Motorcycles, the "Legendary Motorcycles of Germany" manufactured between 1955 and 1995. Learn more about the ABC at 
The Colorado chapter coordinates activities across the state including Tech Days, Tech Classes, camp-outs and rides. If you love, own or wish you owned a classic BMW Airhead motorcycle, please join us.
You do NOT have to  be a member of the ABC to join CO-ABC, but you do have to enjoy BMW Airhead motorcycles, want to learn how to maintain and repair them, or help others learn, and like hanging out with like-minded people. Our members host Tech Days, Tech Classes and rides here and there.
If you are a member of ABC, or not, all members of this DtM group should act in accordance with the cannons of the Airheads Beemer Club cannons, reproduced below.
Club Canons
1.  Airheads ride Beemers with air-cooled heads.
2. Airheads believe that the simplest engineering solutions are the best.
3. Airheads appreciate function over form, fact over fiction, and friendship over friction.
4. Airheads regard money as a tool, not a status symbol.
5. Airheads are earthly people who like to camp.
6. Airheads maintain their own motorcycles.
7. Airheads don't take themselves, religion or life too seriously.
8. Airheads like to share time, knowledge, parts and camaraderie with other Airheads.

Urban and Outdoor Survival

147 Members 14 events

Urban & Outdoor Survival“If life could be extended even for one more day this would all be worth it. 
Urban and Outdoor Survival’s goal is to prepare for all disaster scenarios whether they are natural or man-made. What happens when there’s no app for the predicament you may find yourself in? Or there’s no one on the other end of the 9-11 phone call? Whether it’s a natural occurrence or a man-made one, with the right plan; chance will always favor the prepared mind.Do you have concerns? The concerns about our ever changing world and the concerns in our individual worlds around us as the planet seems to spin faster each year. We are seeking individuals who are interested in planning and sharing ideas, training and learning together how to help each other in the event we are presented with these very challenges.Here we will learn to prepare for these types of instances, teaching each other and learning from each other and growing as a well-rounded team.Urban & Outdoor Survival will offer in house workshops in the form of classes with hands on demonstrations and lectures in home preparedness; training events in the field, ranging from beginner level to the advanced level, bush craft skills as well as the running of emergency scenarios and drills from time to time to test our skills. We will also hold easy going camping trips to get to know each other as this builds camaraderie, the prefect ingredient for such a group.We are looking for likeminded individuals who are committed to the process of learning which means coming out to meetings and events. Yes it’s important that you show the group you are committed to learning but it’s much more important you prove this to yourself, in a time of need you are really going to be your greatest challenge, let us help you prepare and sharpen your skills for whatever may come at you.This is and will always be our goal; however there is fun to be had along the way and during the process as long as we are all honest to ourselves and to each other as to why we are here.This group has no religious or political affiliations all are welcome to join as long as you understand the rules and why you are here. Feel free to add your thoughts the process as we believe we all can learn from each other.Very important note please read carefully, misrepresenting yourself, misleading information on membership forms, conspiracy theories, fear-mongering, racist beliefs and/or statements will result in termination of membership. There is a Vetting process to determine if you will be granted membership, as our aim is to provide a safe environment for our members. It is also mandatory that you sign the group waiver before being allowed to attend field events.

Martinsville Marching Artesian Alumni Reunion

113 Members 1 event

It's a reunion group for all part members of the Martinsville Marching Artesians!

Glenearn Badminton Club

87 Members 44 events

Glenearn Badminton Club is based in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. We are a friendly badminton club and welcome new members.  When not constrained by COVID-19 restrictions, we run sessions for all levels of player from aged 9 to adult.During the current COVID-19 situation, we have less access to court space than we would ordinarily have. Priority is therefore being given to players who were members of the Club pre-COVID. Booking for all of our sessions is currently essential, as part of our COVID control measures.
For any player booked to attend one of our sessions please ensure that: (1) you provide us with your full name and phone number prior to the session; (2) you pay us by card at the session or by bank transfer in advance of the session (contact us for more information on how to pay by bank transfer) and (3) you follow our players' guide at
Visit our return to badminton centre at for details of how we aim to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 situation.

Madog Dog Walks Group

87 Members 46 events

The group aims to provide regular dog walks each of just a few miles, at a relaxed pace, throughout the year. This is a great way to meet up with people who enjoy going on group walks with their dogs around this area of the Cambrian Coast and Snowdonia.
It would be great to meet new people with similar interests and likewise would be a great opportunity for our dogs to have fun and make new friends too.

All the walks are free of charge to attend.  If you find after a couple of trial taster walks that you do still like the group, then we ask you to become full members for an annual membership of £20 per household. This covers group insurance and administration costs. The group is run entirely by volunteers.

Contact: 01766 884 663

Summerlin+ Outdoors

84 Members 176 events

Group Tennis Events have moved to new Meetup partner Pickup Sports created the Henderson and Las Vegas Tennis group. DTM events and activity are now suspended and moved. Please join our new Meetup group.

We post outdoor activities for residents near Summerlin and the Las Vegas valley's west side - Mountains Edge (south) to Lone Mountain (north) plus Spring Valley.  We are mostly focused on helping members get together to play / practice tennis. However, volunteer Event Organizers are welcome to post other events like hiking, biking, volleyball, pickleball, soccer, etc.
We welcome volunteer Event Organizer posts, weekly or one-time, for meetups anywhere in the metro area. Note that our tennis events will usually be "unhosted". Posted tennis events only happen when two or more members are signed up. FYI, "TENNIS", our co-organizer, who sets up most events, will NEVER attend.
Please join our Facebook group --
Short URLs for our DTM group -- -- Events Calendar
• Tennis Weather links (below) and courts info --
• Hiking Weather links

Western Slope Adventurers

83 Adventurers 9 events

My wife, Mary Hertert, and I started as a group when we moved from Anchorage, Alaska (where we had started the in 2007) in 2011. was purchased by a large company, We Work,  last year and it's service has been suffering since that time.
Another similar platform has shown up on the web, called Down to Meet. It's so new that it says 'beta testing' on its website.
However, in WSA, we are moving a bunch of the events that we are posting over there to see how it works out. In addition to keeping an eye on WSA on, you might want to take a look at:
Signing up on one or the other, we hope to see you outdoors real soon.
Doug Van Etten & Mary Hertert, founders of the WSA
970-433-4312     &  970-778-5985.

Alastaron Juhannuspolkaisu

80 Polkijats 4 events

Pyöräily on kivaa, ja vielä kivempaa se on porukassa!Alastaron Juhannuspolkaisu on rentohenkinen 24h pyöräilytapahtuma joka järjestetään juhannuksena Alastaro Circuit -moottoriradalla.
Kyseessä ei ole kilpailu, vaikka parhaat suoritukset huomioidaankin jonkinlaisilla palkinnoilla. Tarkoituksena on siis nauttia suomen kesästä yhdessä samanhenkisten liikkujein kanssa, kukin omien kykyjensä ja halujensa mukaan. Ajanottoa ei kisakelloa lukuun ottamatta ole ja tulosseuranta perustuu osallistujien omiin ilmoituksiin.
Tervetulleita ovat kaikki polkien tai potkien, sähköavulla tai ilman liikkuvat ikään, sukupuoleen tai kuntotasoon katsomatta. Poljit sitten 10km tai 500km, olet tervetullut nauttimaan vähän erilaisesti juhannustunnelmasta :)
Tapahtumaan ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu tämän ryhmän kautta, ilmoittautumalla kuluvan vuoden tapahtumaan (Upcoming events). Ennakkoilmoittautuminen edes "Ehkä/Maybe" vaihtoehdolla olisi toivottavaa jotta tiedetään vähän paljonko ihmisiä on mahdollisesti tulossa,
Myös tapahtumaan liittyvä virallinen tiedotus tapahtuu tässä ryhmässä, kannattaa siis vähintään liittyä ryhmään jotta saa tiedon muutoksista ja päivityksistä.

East Texas Spyder Ryders

73 Members 11 events

DescriptionEditWe are a fun organized group of Can-Am Spyder owners and riders that love to ride and share the road with other Spyder Riders and two wheeled friends as well. Primary riders are from The East Texas area's…..Forney, Terrell, Greenville, Royce City, Crandall, Seagoville, Wills Point, Mesquite, Garland, Rockwall, Rowlett, Plano, McKinney and other East Tx Areas too. All Spyder Ryders are welcome to join. We are looking for ideas, routes and places to eat from those that want to be a part of this group and ride with us.

PNW Points

70 Members 55 events

Pacific Northwest points travelers meetups.

Football Kingdom "Osama EL-Shabrawy"

64 Members 76 events

Play football as a professional player
Join, reserve your place and play.
Fair play is our goal.

Outdoor Homeschoolers Club- Charleston, SC

58 Wild-Scholars 295 events

Forest School inspired, we are an all-age, all-grades (K-12) Homeschool Club co-operative that does lightly-structured, child-led, outdoor learning; giving children the freedom to choose their own actions; to play, explore, participate, move, ask questions, think aloud – as only then can they get wiser, practice & master the knowledge & skills they will need as adults.We are growing a community of classmates and families - a COMMITMENT TO HIGH ATTENDANCE for a given course/session IS EXPECTED to facilate growth of friendships and learning.  (These are NOT drop-in playdates, unless specified as such.)
We meet at different locations around the Tri-County area of Charleston, SC, USA.  We meet 1-2x/week - mainly Tuesdays.  Each month is a new session, each session is in a different Park (County,State,National) or a member's private property.  Each Session is a different Skills Class. 


57 Riders 4 events

Welcome to Roadrunners - a new Motorcycle club with a fun attitude to our hobby & lifestyle. We are small at the moment but have big ideas and high hopes for the future!
The plan is to create fun, regular events for all aspects of Riding. We will be mainly based in and around the M25 but will also include regular touring trips as well.
Our ethos is:
Fun - Inclusiveness - Respect
Feel free to join us - we re not about rules and egos... al we want to do is ride with a bunch of like-minded folk. You will be treated with respect and we expect the same in return. Want to ride in a T-shirt? You're an adult and that is your choice, you won't be reprimanded for it. Want to join a big trip but only have a 125? That's fine - you'll be welcome, we included everyone. Want to go at warp speeds? No issues with that - just pay your own tickets is all we ask!
We understand that we are all responsible enough to make our own decisions within a group environment. As long as you aren't a danger to anyone within the group - we will welcome you to join us on a ride. 
Happy riding!
Pargat & Phil (P&P)
Founders of Roadrunners Motorcycle Club.

Phil, Pargat & Sabrina (Phil's Girlfriend) - The Highlands, February 2016. What a crazy Idea...
We've been good friends since 2015, meeting from LMRC - another club. We have many great memories of riding together, some very crazy like riding around in snowy Scotland in February, chasing each other all day through seriously good roads at speeds you wouldn't want to speak too loudly to people of authority! ...And some a bit more down to earth like fixing bikes and eating dinner together. 
We have a very relaxed attitude to life in general really and expect to head this club the same as everything else - chilled out. We didn't set this club up for any other reason than: we just want to go for a burger and have a relaxed atmosphere. Come and join us on a ride and we hope to meet & make new friends too.

Friends of the Forest RI

54 Members 9 events

We are an active community of homeschooling familes that meet all over Rhode Island in all types of weather for lightly structured, child-led outdoor learning. Our weekly meet ups take place on Tuesday afternoons with field trips on Fridays and ocassionally on other days of the week. Attendance is required a minimum of once every 2 months to participate in our group in order to foster friendships and facilitate learning.
We have learning opportunties in nature during our weekly meet ups, as well as hikes, seasonal events, trips to museums and farms, clothing swaps, and mamas nights out. 
Our core group of children has kids aged 0-10 years old.

Svelte Russia Meetups

54 Members 1 event

The Russian-speaking community is the biggest local SvelteJS community with more than 1,400 members in Telegram (@sveltejs). At our meetups, community leaders share the experience of using SvelteJS in production and pet projects, tell about the issues and first-hand solutions.