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Bangalore Board Gamers

209 Gamers 29 events

This group is for people who like friendly competition over modern board games - social games, fierce strategy games, and many options in between. Newcomers are welcome!Introduction to board & card games

Central California Women's Backpacking and Hiking Group

180 Ladies 8 events

A group for women who hike and backpack in California (and occasionally further abroad).
We respect Leave No Trace, share the costs of our adventures equally if necessary, and enjoy the company of awesome wilderness loving women who are wanting companions to go out and play.
Message me if you would like to be an event organizer. Always happy to facilitate community.

Western Slope Adventurers

73 Adventurers 9 events

My wife, Mary Hertert, and I started as a group when we moved from Anchorage, Alaska (where we had started the in 2007) in 2011. was purchased by a large company, We Work,  last year and it's service has been suffering since that time.
Another similar platform has shown up on the web, called Down to Meet. It's so new that it says 'beta testing' on its website.
However, in WSA, we are moving a bunch of the events that we are posting over there to see how it works out. In addition to keeping an eye on WSA on, you might want to take a look at:
Signing up on one or the other, we hope to see you outdoors real soon.
Doug Van Etten & Mary Hertert, founders of the WSA
970-433-4312     &  970-778-5985.

Colorado Airheads Beemer Club

64 Airheads 9 events

We are the Colorado Chapter of the International Airheads Beemer Club (CO-ABC).The ABC provides a connection to, and camaraderie with, those who enjoy, maintain and ride airhead BMW Motorcycles, the "Legendary Motorcycles of Germany" manufactured between 1955 and 1995. Learn more about the ABC at 
The Colorado chapter coordinates activities across the state including Tech Days, Tech Classes, camp-outs and rides. If you love, own or wish you owned a classic BMW Airhead motorcycle, please join us.
You do NOT have to  be a member of the ABC to join CO-ABC, but you do have to enjoy BMW Airhead motorcycles, want to learn how to maintain and repair them, or help others learn, and like hanging out with like-minded people. Our members host Tech Days, Tech Classes and rides here and there.
If you are a member of ABC, or not, all members of this DtM group should act in accordance with the cannons of the Airheads Beemer Club cannons, reproduced below.
Club Canons
1. Airheads ride Beemers with air-cooled heads.
2. Airheads believe that the simplest engineering solutions are the best.
3. Airheads appreciate function over form, fact over fiction, and friendship over friction.
4. Airheads regard money as a tool, not a status symbol.
5. Airheads are earthly people who like to camp.
6. Airheads maintain their own motorcycles.
7. Airheads don't take themselves, religion or life too seriously.
8. Airheads like to share time, knowledge, parts and camaraderie with other Airheads.


57 Riders 4 events

Welcome to Roadrunners - a new Motorcycle club with a fun attitude to our hobby & lifestyle. We are small at the moment but have big ideas and high hopes for the future!
The plan is to create fun, regular events for all aspects of Riding. We will be mainly based in and around the M25 but will also include regular touring trips as well.
Our ethos is:
Fun - Inclusiveness - Respect
Feel free to join us - we re not about rules and egos... al we want to do is ride with a bunch of like-minded folk. You will be treated with respect and we expect the same in return. Want to ride in a T-shirt? You're an adult and that is your choice, you won't be reprimanded for it. Want to join a big trip but only have a 125? That's fine - you'll be welcome, we included everyone. Want to go at warp speeds? No issues with that - just pay your own tickets is all we ask!
We understand that we are all responsible enough to make our own decisions within a group environment. As long as you aren't a danger to anyone within the group - we will welcome you to join us on a ride. 
Happy riding!
Pargat & Phil (P&P)
Founders of Roadrunners Motorcycle Club.

Phil, Pargat & Sabrina (Phil's Girlfriend) - The Highlands, February 2016. What a crazy Idea...
We've been good friends since 2015, meeting from LMRC - another club. We have many great memories of riding together, some very crazy like riding around in snowy Scotland in February, chasing each other all day through seriously good roads at speeds you wouldn't want to speak too loudly to people of authority! ...And some a bit more down to earth like fixing bikes and eating dinner together. 
We have a very relaxed attitude to life in general really and expect to head this club the same as everything else - chilled out. We didn't set this club up for any other reason than: we just want to go for a burger and have a relaxed atmosphere. Come and join us on a ride and we hope to meet & make new friends too.

Football Kingdom "Osama EL-Shabrawy"

37 Members 13 events

Play football as a professional player
Join, reserve your place and play.
Fair play is our goal.

Wilderness Corps, a non-profit

37 Volunteers 31 event

Wilderness Corps is for people who enjoy Backpacking, Hiking, Wilderness Stewardship, and Trail Maintenance in the beautiful and rugged Sierra Mountains while socializing with other like-minded individuals. 

Do you want to stay in shape and give back at the same time? During the Summer months, we offer a variety of activities for people of all ages. We provide front country trips between 5 to 10 miles per day in length to moderate to advanced trips 10 + miles in length per day. These trips are geared towards 1) Keeping public trail access open and 2) providing wilderness stewardship in the Wilderness Area's we support, and 3) assist forest visitors and educate them about Leave No Trace and outdoor ethics. In the winter months, we have our Winter Program which is geared towards supporting the Over Snow Vehicle Department, of the High Sierra Ranger District. There are 100+ miles of Winter Trails in and around Huntington Lake Area, and half of that gets cleared each year. The Winter Program gives volunteers an opportunity to come out and volunteer to do a different variety of activities, like get certified to operate a snowmobile, get your First Aid and CPR Certificates, learn to operate a chainsaw safely with supervision and then ultimately getting out there in the snow to assist the public and keep the trails safe.   

Most events will be scheduled on weekends along with the occasional weekday and/or holiday trips. During the summer season, there will be a lot of extended trips into the backcountry. 2018/2019 will be much like years past where Wilderness Corps clears the public trails in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, and now through collaboration, we will be assisting with trail clearing in the Kaiser Wilderness. For those interested in multi-day activities, there will be a lot of backpacking/camping trips scheduled during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. For the 2018/2019 Winter, we now have a Winter Program which focuses on Offroad Snow Vehicle use and the recreation management activities associated with this. Volunteers are encouraged to apply for this program,

Hiking and backcountry travel can be a dangerous and unpredictable activity. It is ALWAYS recommended you bring sufficient supplies of drinking water, snacks/food, a small first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a flashlight to all outdoor activities and know your limits. Of equal importance is that you have the proper type of footwear and clothing. Please match the hike to your skill level.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our organizers... We will be using the Forum (link in the menu bar) to post information related to getting started with our trail crew.

Wilderness Corps is a registered non-profit agency and based out of Monterey, CA.

RTP Inter Futbol Fanatics

32 Futbol Fanatics 17 events

We love futbol/soccer. We breathe it, we play it, we are crazy about it. We are futbol fanatics and we enjoy every second of it. Come join us for fun, competitive and fast pace play. 

South Peel Social

31 Fantastic Folks 19 events

A social group for people of South Peel!!
This group (will slowly become active) will host card/game nights/afternoons, the occasional meal out and a variety of other social activities.
You are encouraged to post and host their own events.
Pleae be sure to read all event descriptions and details prior to RSVP’ing for an event.  You will be required to pay any requested fees to the Organizer/Co-Organizer/Event Host as detailed in the event description.
Members are responsibile for their own safety at South Peel Social events.
There is a no-show policy in effect with this group - more than 2 no-shows or change in RSVP same day (without advisig the Organzier or Event Host why) will result in being removed from the group.

Imagine Homeschool Community

29 Members 112 events

The Imagine Homeschool Community is a diverse, friendly, inclusive, and cooperative group for homeschoolers in Johnson County, Kansas and the surrounding areas.  Our group focuses on providing educational, social, and outreach opportunities for the entire family.  We recognize that homeschooling is done for children, and therefore we encourage involvement in group decisions from even our youngest members.   Our members provide support and activities for each other in an effort to make their educational experiences more fruitful and enjoyable.Here are some of the activities our members offer:
Holiday Parties
Bowling League
Tabletop Gaming
Teen Bravewriter Book Club
Story of Science
Coding Club
Mom’s Book Club
Mom’s Night Out
Field Trips
Teen Hangout
Nature Hikes
& More!

One Hour Six Pic Photoshoot

29 Photoshooters 9 events

This is open to all who like taking photographs, from the absolute beginner to the expert. Everyone very welcome. Ideal for new group members with any level of interest in photography and/or meeting arty types, as you can wander on your own or chat to other folk if you like, whichever suits you best.

We run a series of regular photo challenges. Meet up at the location shown on the event date page and spend 1 hour wandering about taking loads of photos with your SLR, compact, polaroid, phone, or any other camera you like, with the subject we select for the event. You can bring any props you like, or find inspiration where we are. 
One hour later come back to the start and then those who want to can go for tea, cake and a chat afterwards.

Get home later, sort out your pics and upload your favourite 6 here.  Go to the pictures section on here, find albums, click on that one and upload your 6 best pictures) Make (only) nice comments about other people's pictures. :-)

We usually meet at 11.45 am (and the hour starts at 12.00 noon prompt. Photography finishes at 1.00 pm. Attendance is free. Check the event itself in case times differ.

All levels of photographer really are welcome - it's not about the kit you carry, it's all about meeting up, sharing ideas and enjoying photography and finding new ways of seeing. Oh and cake. ;-)


28 Members 1 event

This is a group for anyone interested in new ways to manage a project from how to organize the work to how to motivate the team. There are lots of ideas with a simple google search, some work, some are doubtful, some seem to be on their way to failing. We will discuss about them and see how they could fit and where and how we could use them. I started this group for the curious and courageous ones that want to sit in a group of 9 and create ideas, break ideas and then innovate. 

DFW Cruisers

27 Members 23 events

What we’re aboutWelcome to the DFW Cruisers. We are looking for others that love to ride. We, as a group, will never leave someone on the side of the road. We are a friendly recreational riding group. The group organizers want each and every member to be part of suggesting and planning of the rides and trips. Your ideas are important to us. All efforts are made top ensure a safe and successful ride. We welcome riders of all types of motorcycles, all levels of riding experience and are happy to educate new riders. It’s not how fast we get to our destination, it is about the journey. NOTE! WE DO NOT ALLOW ROOSTER SITTERS, you will either participate or be removed from the group!!
*Legal Disclaimer: As a condition of your voluntary participation in group rides, you hereby release and discharge “DFW Cruisers and it’s Organizers” from any and all claims, demands, damages, or liabilities arising from injury to your persons or property.
These are our additional safety requirements for being a member of this group.
1. Must have a valid motorcycle license.
2. Must own his/her motorcycle.
3. Must be over 21 years of age (see organizer for more info).
4. Must own a minimum 650 cc.
5. In riding with the group, you must stay with the group speed.
6. In group riding, the rider is responsible for the rider in front and in back of him/her.
7 . 3 strikes your out.
   A. Verbal safety warning. If the safety warning is sever enough, you will be asked to leave the ride.
   B. You will be sent an email, in addition to the verbal warning.
   C. Your membership will be revoked from the group.
8. Passing in the group is only permitted to the left side of the rider, must be done safely and with adequate space between motorcycles. Passing is only allowed to tighten the group up. The leader is never to be passed.
9. Email the organizer that you have read, understood and agree with the above disclaimer and our group riding safety requirements.

Monster Hunter Nation Events

26 Members 2 events

Organization and sign-up for activities around book signings and other appearances of Larry Correia.  Dinners, carpools, whatever

Chceš Nechceš Nazdar

25 Members 6 events

Roky a roky zkušeností, tisíce děkovných dopisů, záruka počasí (nějakého).

Owlet & Sáhib

Easy Networking Sunshine Coast

23 Members 24 events

This group is for any person interested in building their network of business contacts on the Sunshine Coast.

The breakfast meetings will give you an opportunity to meet other local business people and listen to a short (10 - 15 min) presentation about an interesting and relevant business topic. The normal format is
7 am - meet, order coffee / breakfast and chat to people
7.30 am - 10 - 15 minute presentation plus Q&A session
8 am - if you are free please stay and chat with people. If you are busy feel free to go to work

The meetings are held at Riba Kai in Newspaper Place Maroochydore. We have an extremely generous special breakfast menu for our members with amazing quality breakfast and coffee for only $15. Please make sure you take the time to update your profiles. Having your business and interests completed helps the people you meet at our breakfast meetings keep in contact with you or better still, remember you and your business. 

London for Photographers - Workshops & Model Photography

22 Members 27 events

Welcome to London for Photographers!

This meetup group is for photographers looking to learn and practice the art of photography, working with models, in studio and on location.
We will provide shooting opportunities for you to build your portfolios and to network with other photographers and models. The events will range from Portraits and Fashion to Glamour, Lingerie and Art Nude photography.
We also offer studio lighting and editing workshops.

We welcome photographers of all levels, whether you are a seasoned veteran, a professional or a beginner. Our goal is to improve your skills and photos in a fun, un-intimidating environment where everyone is welcomed.

Our workshops and model days provide a great opportunity to practice your skills, while shooting beautiful models in a professional studio or in a great location. Help and assistance will never be far. You will learn professional real world techniques, while also creating professional quality images.
Thank you for joining us!

Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders

21 Members 3 events

This group is not exclusively for Spyder Ryders living only in the Collin and Denton county areas of North Texas but was created for all Spyder Ryders to get together and share the Spyder experience. We are kid/pet friendly and our mission statement is simple: To promote safety and better the image of motorcycling and promote fellowship for motorcycle enthusiasts; To create and project a positive image of motorcycling to the community; To engage in social, charitable, and educational activities directed at the general understanding of, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of motorcycling. My wife and I look forward to sharing many enjoyable events together.
***Legal Disclaimer: By joining you release Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders Organizers and its members of any, and all liability from personal injury and/or property damage which might occur from Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders rides or other Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders activities. By joining, you are acknowledging you will conduct yourself in a manner consistent with Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders expectations regarding safety, riding ability, experience levels, alcohol/drug usage and Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders unity.
***Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders polices: While no large organization will continually agree, or be able to avoid differences resulting from a diversity of personalities, the deliberate creation of or purposeful contribution to rumors or gossip, intentional attempts to alienate members, disrespectful attitudes, and attempts to cause inequality and conflict will not be tolerated at any time. It is expected any differences between members be handled one on one. If this cannot be done you can ask for a member of the leadership to help. We want to keep the Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders atmosphere pleasant for all to enjoy.
*** Any member proven to be in violation of the above policy and unwilling to amicably resolve a dispute will be asked to stand down for 2 rides/events, if further conflicts continue upon their return they will be removed and banned from Collin and Denton Counties Spyder Ryders. 

Insaid's Data Scientist Meetup Pune

19 Data Scientists 1 event

Lets come together to discuss data science, share ideas and inovate. Together we WIN, fall apart we LOOSE.The meetup is organized for data scientists of INSAID. But it can be extemded to anyone from Pune who is interested in data science and machine learning.


19 Members 15 events

About Us !We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, USA BackRoads Bunch was founded in Nov 2013.
We are interested in Experienced, Active, and Safety minded members who can fit in with our  spirited  riding style. HELMETS AND SAFETY GEAR ARE REQUIRED TO RIDE WITH US! This is for YOUR protection…..
This group was formed by experienced Motorcycle riders who love to ride motorcycles and explore all the great back roads (street roads) we can find. This group will do short, medium, long distance, and overnight/multi day rides. Any member who have routes or dinner meetups in mind are encouraged to contact the Organizers…
All new potential members have Thirty (30) days to come ride with us to see if you are a good fit, and visa versa…..
NOTES: We are a RIDING group, not a dating site,,, We Discourage roster sitters, be an active member or not…..

Lima Government Blockchain Association

18 Members 1 event

El capítulo de Lima de la Government Blockchain Association (GBA) está orientado a profesionales del sector público y privado que quieren aprender o ya utilizan soluciones de Blockchain y expertos en Blockchain del área de Lima. Nuestro objetivo es crear un diálogo útil que facilite la adopción eficiente, ética y racional de la tecnología Blockchain para que esta poderosa innovación aumente la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos a nivel local y en todo el mundo.Las áreas de enfoque incluyen:
Gestión de activos
Presupuestos, Apropiaciones y Seguimiento
Gestión de contratos
La seguridad cibernética
Gestión económica y financiera
Educación y entrenamiento
Ontología gubernamental
Cuidado de la salud
Gestión de identidad
Propiedad intelectual
Titulación de tierras
Legislativo y Legal
Minería y Criptomoneda
Ciudad inteligente
Cadena de suministro
Nuestro propósito es seguir creciendo la comunidad de Blockchain en Perú, y poder ir tratando cada vez diferentes temas y sectores que sean del interés de los miembros, así como traer a diferentes speakers que hayan tenido experiencias interesantes de compartir en el grupo. Realizaremos reuniones bimensuales con diferentes formatos y temas.
¡Únete a nosotros aquí para mantenerte actualizado sobre nuestros eventos y para recibir alertas sobre los próximos eventos de GBA Lima!